The Mustang Ambassador Program came out of our desire to impact the lives of people through mustangs and in turn create mustang advocates that will forever protect and preserve wild horses on our lands. Since the 1500’s when wild horses were reintroduced into North America by the Spanish, they have roamed our great country.  Coming from the Spanish term “Mesteno” meaning “ownerless beast”, the mustang is America’s horse.  We are a vast enough nation to have a horse of our very own, and it is rests within our hands and those of our children to protect this American legacy. I met Susan Sutherland in 2009 after a round up of the Pryor Mountain Horse Management Area in Montana, just north of Lovell, WY.  She had already adopted two mustangs and was at the adoption to adopt a third.  Jeremy and I were also going to adopt a mustang, so we were also at the adoption.  We corresponded in the months following the adoption, and Susan sent Bravo from Illinois out to be us to be started under saddle. While visiting Colorado many years later, Susan made the comment that her goal was that her mustangs could be ambassadors for wild horses everywhere.  She really wanted her horses who were unfortunate enough to lose their freedom be representatives for others who remained in the wild.  And, so, MAP was formed….the simple idea of The “Mustang Ambassador Program”, but it symbolizes so much more within its acronym.  MAP…a navigational tool.  And that is what we do!  Through their use in youth and adult programs, our mustangs not only provide people with a way to navigate through life and leadership, they also represent those horses that remain free.  They teach people every day of the importance of freedom for their kind and ours!

NOT-FOR-PROFIT The Mustang Ambassador Program is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We received our non-profit status in early 2015 and are excited for this new adventure!