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About our Equine Leadership Camps

Life. Lessons. Leadership

The Mustang Ambassador Program (MAP) partners mustangs with area youth to provide a navigational tool (a map) for their lives and helps them learn necessary leadership skills for success.

Youth learn foundational principles of leadership throughout the program; they learn responsibility and work ethic (self-management) through the care and feeding of the animals; they learn how relationships with the horses which includes respect and empathy is necessary to building healthy relationships outside the arena; they learn about the importance of clear communication both with the horse and within human relationships; finally they gain an understanding of the importance of healthy problem solving and working out issues they may have.

Students have an end-of-the-week performance evaluation in the form of a horse show where they show off their leadership skills as well as the horsemanship skills they have acquired during the week.  The program teaches ground horsemanship skills as well as English and western riding disciplines.

The equine leadership day camps are one week in length and include a performance on the last day.  The equine leadership camps offer a great opportunity for students to connect with one another, learn horsemanship and riding skills as well as learn horsemanship information.

!!! HORSEMANSHIP INTENSIVE  For the summer of 2023, each of our leadership programs will have a special group component for students will be able to test their horsemanship skills.  This intensive will be available at all of our programs for returning participants.  The program will consist of more rigorous instruction through the Certified Horsemanship Association, (CHA), the industry’s leaders in education and certification of trainers and students.  Students in the intensive will learn both western and English horsemanship as well as beginning and intermediate jumping for those that are ready and trail riding skills.  In addition, their skills handling horses on the ground will also be assess.  Students will have the ability to complete a written test and a riding evaluation for completion of horsemanship levels.  They will receive a certificate and badge for completion.  As an intensive, students will be studying during the week for the written exam and have more focused leadership opportunities.  To sign up for the CHA intensive group, simply answer “Yes” on the registration form.

Each of the levels of CHA is explained below.  All manuals and tests are included in the price of program, and students will have the opportunity to earn badges in the horsemanship level they are studying at.  The Levels’ programs are designed for the dedicated horsemanship student who wants to learn and grow; each participant will work with different horses to gain more knowledge and skills of horse-analities.

Level 1: Grooming; parts of the horse and parts of English and Western tack; Western/English saddling; basic aids; rein control for both disciplines; riding the trot in both disciplines; various figures; exercises on horseback; beginning trail riding

Level 2: horse colors and markings; horse care and handling; parts of the horse and foot; horse and pony breeds; balance in walk, trot, canter; more advanced leg aids (lateral/diagonal) introduction to jumping; western riding patterns; trail obstacles and hazards.

Level 3: understanding horse behavior; bits and bitting; more advance rein and leg aids; canter leads and lead changes; schooling figures; jumping lines of fences, gymnastics and jumping courses; western turnbacks and riding bareback; more advanced trail riding skills including cantering on trail and safety

Level 4: health problems and how to treat; first aid for horses; lameness and hoof problems; coordination of the aids and suppleness; rhythm and tempo in riding; lengthening and shortening stride; leg yields; flying change of leads; lateral movements; western pivots and rollbacks; sidepass; jumping cross country and more advanced courses; overnight trail rides

Cost: Early-bird for returning participants (register before April 15: $450)

After 4/15 $500


The price includes all manuals and materials. The times are from 9AM to 4PM daily and the performance evaluation on Friday of each week will be at 2PM. We encourage parents (and/or grandparents!) to attend the performance evaluations to see the progress their students have made!

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