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History of Mustang Ambassador Program

The Mustang Ambassador Program came out of our desire to impact the lives of people through mustangs and in turn create mustang advocates that will forever protect and preserve wild horses on our lands. Since the 1500’s when wild horses were reintroduced into North America by the Spanish, they have roamed our great country.  Coming from the Spanish term “Mesteno” meaning “ownerless beast”, the mustang is America’s horse.  We are a vast enough nation to have a horse of our very own, and it is rests within our hands and those of our children to protect this American legacy. I met Susan Sutherland in 2009 after a round up of the Pryor Mountain Horse Management Area in Montana, just north of Lovell, WY.  She had already adopted two mustangs and was at the adoption to adopt a third.  Jeremy and I were also going to adopt a mustang, so we were also at the adoption.  We corresponded in the months following the adoption, and Susan sent Bravo from Illinois out to be us to be started under saddle. While visiting Colorado many years later, Susan made the comment that her goal was that her mustangs could be ambassadors for wild horses everywhere.  She really wanted her horses who were unfortunate enough to lose their freedom be representatives for others who remained in the wild.  And, so, MAP was formed….the simple idea of The “Mustang Ambassador Program”, but it symbolizes so much more within its acronym.  MAP…a navigational tool.  And that is what we do!  Through their use in youth and adult programs, our mustangs not only provide people with a way to navigate through life and leadership, they also represent those horses that remain free.  They teach people every day of the importance of freedom for their kind and ours!

NOT-FOR-PROFIT The Mustang Ambassador Program is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We received our non-profit status in early 2015 and are excited for this new adventure!

Explore Mustang Ambassador Program

At the heart of everything that we do is our passion for education and our commitment to our students. Thanks to our varied course selection and unique teaching techniques, our students return time and time again.

Mustang Ambassador Program is located in the heart of Calhan, and reflects the vibrant energy of the area. The skilled team members are here to help students achieve their goals. Are you ready to reach your potential? Call us today to learn more about Mustang Ambassador Program.

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Our Board Members


Susan Sutherland

Executive Director

Susan Sutherland has an agricultural and farming background and is a professional in the financial services industry.  Originally from Illinois, she has recently moved to Colorado Springs to be closer to our organization.  Her passion for mustangs is evident in her advocacy support.  In her free time, Susan enjoys pleasure riding and endurance riding.

Jaime Wade

Program Director & Treasurer


Jaime Wade has been certified through the Certified Horsemanship Association to teach both western and English horsemanship disciplines.  She has studied natural horsemanship extensively and uses her knowledge to help horses everywhere.  Although she works with many different breeds, Jaime’s primary focus is mustangs.  In addition to training and teaching, Jaime is a middle school English teacher.  She lives with her husband Jeremy and their children in Colorado Springs.

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Heidi Gresse

Board Member

Heidi Gresse grew up taking riding lessons; but family and career took her away from her horse love temporarily.  After her daughter started camps and horsemanship lessons at the Mustang Ambassador Program, Heidi became reacquainted with her childhood passion.  She has started riding again, adopted a mustang for her daughter, and adopted her own mustang!  Heidi serves as an oncology nurse.  Her experiences in nursing have given her a passion for people and an understanding of the leadership qualities necessary for adults in the “real” world.  Heidi lives with her husband and two children in Colorado Springs.

Our Instructors and Assistants


Jaime Wade

Jaime Wade, MAP’s primary instructor, has been certified through the Certified Horsemanship Association to teach both western and English disciplines.  She has studied natural horsemanship extensively and uses her knowledge and experience within lessons, camps, and the training of the mustangs within our program.  In addition to training and teaching, Jaime has also coached the United States Air Force Academy’s Equestrian Team and is a full time middle school language arts teacher.


Jeremy Wade

Jeremy Wade is the fabulous animal expert and farrier at Sonshine Acres.  Jeremy has an amazing gift working with animals, and he is the predominant “zoo keeper” at the ranch.  He has a love for reptiles especially, and is always willing to teach young people about proper care and handling of any of the ranch’s animals.  He also helps out with programs and makes kids feel comfortable around the horses.  In addition, Jeremy is certified to administer the wild horse fertility management vaccination called PZP; and he works with wild horses in the west in hopes to prevent further round-ups.

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Heidi Gresse

Heidi Grese initially got back into horses because of her daughter who is still in our programs.  She loves riding and loves to interact with young people and help them with their horsemanship skills.  Although her job is an oncology nurse, Heidi is a full time horse lover!  Heidi and her husband live in Colorado Springs with their two children.

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Mikayla Grese

Mikayla has been in the Mustang Ambassador Program first as a student and now as an instructor.  She has become quite an accomplished rider and especially enjoys jumping; she has trained her own mustang and is involved in the gentling and saddle training of others.  Mikayla is currently training her newest mustang, Eli!

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Lindsey Cutter

In addition to being a full time middle school science teacher, Lindsey also brings her teaching abilities to the arena.  Growing up, Lindsey participated in 4H and has enjoyed trail riding and even hunting with her own horses.  Lindsey enjoys the great outdoors as she loves fishing, hunting, hiking and of course riding horses!  She lives in Colorado Springs with her four children!

Interested in learning more about our team? Reach out today!

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