Sage i12552569_953688338000690_7280508787769505273_ns the daughter of Bolder and the granddaughter of Cloud (from the Emmy-Award winning Cloud documentaries).  Sage is actually featured in the third documentary called Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions.  She is a beautiful grulla and is absolutely sweet!  As a yearling, she was rounded up in the September round-up in 2009.  She came around really quickly and was halter broke in a matter of a few weeks.  Sage has been allowed to be a baby here at the ranch though, as we have allowed her to get acquainted with the herd and play!  Sage is continuing her training despite her many fears.  
Sh is being ridden regularly by one of our 
volunteers; hopefully soon she will
be ready to be ridden by the students in our programs as well!DSCF4054