Our Instructors and Assistants

Jaime Wade

Jaime Wade, MAP’s primary instructor, has been certified to teach both western and English disciplines.  She has studied natural horsemanship extensively and uses her knowledge and experience within lessons, camps, and the training of the mustangs within our program.  In addition to training and teaching, Jaime has also coached the United States Air Force Academy’s Equestrian Team and is a full time middle school language arts teacher.


Jeremy Wade

Jeremy Wade is the fabulous animal expert and farrier at Sonshine Acres.  Jeremy has an amazing gift working with animals, and he is the predominant “zoo keeper” at the ranch.  He has a love for reptiles especially, and is always willing to teach young people about proper care and handling of any of the ranch’s animals.  He also helps out with programs and makes kids feel comfortable around the horses.  In addition, Jeremy is certified to administer the wild horse fertility management vaccination called PZP; and he works with wild horses in the west in hopes to prevent further round-ups.


Lindsey Cutter:

In addition to being a full time middle school science teacher, Lindsey also brings her teaching abilities to the arena.  Growing up, Lindsey participated in 4H and has enjoyed trail riding and even hunting with her own horses.  Lindsey enjoys the great outdoors as she loves fishing, hunting, hiking and of course riding horses!  She and her husband live in Colorado Springs with their four children!


Heidi Grese:

Heidi Grese initially got back into horses because of her daughter who is still in our programs.  She loves riding and loves to interact with young people and help them with their horsemanship skills.  Although her job is an oncology nurse, Heidi is a full time horse lover!  Heidi and her husband live in Colorado Springs with their two children.