In the Arrowhead mountains of Montana, wild horses  still roam free. A little black colt was born into this rugged wilderness in 2014.  He was named Ohanzee, meaning “Shadow”, and his coat color was very reminiscent of his grandfather, Raven.  Ohanzee’s parents, Cloud and Feldspar, watched over their little black colt.  Cloud’s band had become smaller in these recent years, but his protective eye only became more keen.





In the fall of 2015, the Bureau of Land Management held a bait trapping at the top of the mountains.  Seventeen horses, including Ohanzee, lost their freedom.  The horses were then made available to the public through an internet adoption.  Due to their popularity, all of the horses were adopted.  The Mustang Ambassador Program adopted Ohanzee to become a part of their youth leadership programs.




Since his adoption, Ohanzee has been gentled and is loved by the young girls that work with him.  He has started saddle training and ground work, and will continue his training.




Ohanzee, our little “Shadow”, may have lost his freedom, but he has found a new freedom, the freedom to be a willing partner, kind and affectionate, and a forever ambassador for youth and for those mustangs that still remain wild!


Though Ohanzee is enjoying his training, he and his best friend, Odakota still play like they are wild bachelor boys!  The heart of the wild horse is definitely family!