Horsemanship NaturALLY


Horsemanship NaturALLY teaches students of all ages natural horsemanship skills on the ground and in the saddle.  Horsemanship NaturALLY assists people in learning the necessary skills to effectively communicate with their horses.  Some of the skills our clinics focus on:

Desensitization to various stimuli (saddles, tarps, vaccinations, deworming, farrier work, etc.)

Trailer loading

Crossing obstacles (jumps, bridges, tarps, etc.)

Balanced Riding

Control and communication in the saddle

Flexion, bending, patterns for impulsion

Assistance for impulsive or non-responsive horses

Understanding lateral work

Relationship and connection


The Mustang Ambassador Program hosts clinics and lessons focusing on various skills.  Usually the skill clinics are a full two day workshop over a weekend.  Clients can bring their own horses or use one of ours.