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Born in 1995 in the Pryor Mountains of Southern Montana, Boomer lay in the moonlight grass with his parents Boomer Sr. and Coppertop.  He led a peaceful wild life for the first two years, roaming and grazing with his wonderful parents.  Then, at the age of two, Boomer was ripped away from his home and family and driven by helicopter to the corrals of Britton Springs.  The scared little colt along with a bay two-year-old were adopted by a Montana rancher.

Knowing little about training wild horses, the rancher sent poor Boomer and Colorado to a trainer in the area.  The two colts were sadly and harshly mistreated; and when the rancher received the horses back, Boomer and Colorado were not at all manageable.  With little choice, the rancher turned the horses out to pasture for six long years.  The bay and black geldings returned to their wild state, with abuse as their only impression of humanity.   With little hope for a good home, Boomer and Colorado, at the age of ten, were headed to the kill buyer’s auction.  Buyers will pay good money for pasture-fattened horses to sell them to slaughter and be processed for human consumption in Europe.

Luckily, Ginger Kathrens, founder of The Cloud Foundation, learned of Boomer and Colorado’s fate.  In December of 2005, the two boys were brought to Front Range Equine Rescue in Colorado Springs.  Jaime Johnson had heard their story and adopted Boomer in November of 2006.  He was brought to Sonshine Acres and with a little time learned to trust humans.  After two months of training, Jaime was riding him on trails at the Air Force Academy.

Boomer has become one of students’ favorites here at the ranch.  Although slightly reserved and distant upon first meeting, Boomer soon warms up to students, and they realize that they have truly earned his trust (oh, and horse cookies do help the process along).