Board of Directors



Susan Sutherland has an agricultural and farming background and is a professional in the financial services industry in Chicago, Illinois.  Her passion for mustangs is evident in her advocacy support.  Susan owns three mustangs from the Pryor Mountain herd management area.  Arrow, Bravo, and Arroyo live in Colorado Springs and are a part of the Mustang Ambassador Program.   Susan visits regularly and enjoys pleasure riding and endurance riding.




Jaime Wade has been certified through the Certified Horsemanship Association to teach both western and English horsemanship disciplines.  She has operated the youth leadership program under Sonshine Acres LLC, where in addition to camps and lessons, Jaime also trains horses.  She has studied natural horsemanship extensively and uses her knowledge to help horses everywhere.  Although she works with many different breeds, Jaime’s primary focus is mustangs.  In addition to training and teaching, Jaime is a middle school English teacher.  She lives with her husband Jeremy and their children Jorin and Jessalyn in Colorado Springs.


Board Member: Marsha Looper

Growing up on a farm and ranching in her adult life, Marsha comes to the Mustang Ambassador Program with a commitment to hard work, dedication to people, and passionate devotion to the environment.  As the daughter of a war veteran, a rural Coloradan, and a very successful businesswoman, Marsha also understands the unique needs of families in our community.  In addition to raising three children of her own who have participated in horse showing, she has extensive leadership experience within the Colorado Springs community.  She has worked with Pikes Peak Range Riders, 4-H and YMCA groups, Falcon and Widefield School districts, and a host of other local churches and clubs.  Because of her commitment to Colorado, Marsha served as Colorado State Representative to fight for the values and rights of Colorado residents!  We are so excited that Marsha has decided to partner with us!

Board Member: Heidi Grese

Heidi Grese grew up taking riding lessons; but family and career took her away from her horse love temporarily.  After her daughter started camps and horsemanship lessons at the Mustang Ambassador Program, Heidi became reacquainted with her childhood passion.  She has started riding again, adopted a mustang for her daughter, and adopted her own mustang!  Heidi serves as an oncology nurse at Penrose hospital.  Her experiences in nursing have given her a passion for people and an understanding of the leadership qualities necessary for adults in the “real” world.  Heidi lives with her husband and two children in Colorado Springs.