Billy the Kid

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Billy The Kid

Billy the Kid, is the son of Trigger and Mae West, two Pryor Mountain mustangs rounded up in 2009.  The Cloud Foundation adopted a small herd of wild horses from the round up to keep them together.  The herd, known as the Freedom Family, remains wild on leased pastures in Montana.  Billy the Kid was born in 2012, and was removed from the Freedom Family when he was about a year old.

Immediately, Billy warmed up to people, and he has become one of the most affectionate horses on the ranch.  His willingness and left-brained attitude has made him very easy to saddle train.  In the fall of 2015, when Billy was three, he began his training under saddle.  From the very first ride, Billy has wanted to please; he is willing to move, willing to learn, left-brained and not really afraid, and his personality shines!

Billy is bigger than most of the Pryor horses, and his height will help with taller students and adults; his attitude though will make him