When Susan adopted Arrow, a little red roan granddaughter of Cloud from the Pryor Mountains of Montana, she did not know that the filly was pregnant.  A few months later, Arroyo was born.  Though his father’s lineage is still uncertain, Arroyo has definitely gained some of his mother’s best traits.  He is left brained, playful, and has the beautiful red roan coat!  Since his birth, Arroyo has been handled and played with extensively.  Little girls would use him for their grooming horse, and he practically grew up being saddled.  So, when it came time to ride him as a three year old (the summer of 2013), he just considered it part of the fun.  Arroyo has been working on his impulsion and is coming along nicely as a young riding horse.  Our Wild Horses, Wild Women group have just adored working with him, and his playful personality and willingness to be with people are some of his best traits!